Pirate Golf

The husband and I headed to the oceanfront or as we like to refer to it further down the road and with more people last night. 

We had dinner at Abbey Road which is a Beatles themed pub. I like going there because they have tons of gluten free options which means I can eat!!!! Yay!!!! 

The place was busy but not that busy and you could tell that they were trying to get their staff up to par as the busy time is quickly approaching. It was a bit of a wait for a table when they had several open tables and even after getting sat it was still a wait. Hopefully they work the kinks out quickly. 

We won’t be back not because of the service or anything like that but because well we live here and summer means lots of people and we can eat there anytime so we will not fight the summer crowds. We will wait till after Labor Day to go back. 

After dinner we walked across the street to Pirate Golf. Yeah, that’s right Pirate Golf. The husband and o grabbed some putters and went to work on the course.  

We were tied at the 10th hole when old Mother Nature decided to play a trick on us. A thunderstorm rolled through. Awesome!!! Standing in the open holding a metal object. Yeah, not the best idea. We waited it out for a little while but decided to just call it as the place was busy and it was going to be a whole lot of chaos once the storm passed. 

It was a tie. No winner, we will have to have a rematch soon. 

I love a game of mini golf here’s to another round soon. 


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