Weekend Is Here

Ahhhhh Friday!!!! 

I’ve got a somewhat busy weekend planned. The husband will be off doing Navy stuff and I’ve got a couple of obligations to take part in on Saturday. 

First things first I have a Civic League Board Meeting, my first one as president. Not sure how I ended up with this job but I’ve got it. We have a lot of things to discuss and work on to make the League something that is useful and people actually participate in. And, of course get ready for the new League year.

The afternoon I’m going to try to get over to Union Mission as they are doing the dedication of the new women’s shelter, in which the Junior League has partnered with. We’ve been working in their soup kitchen and also my class did a project where we decorated 2 of the rooms. 

And, of course this weekend is the annual Pirate Beach Party, which I’m going to try to convince the husband to go partake in for a little while. I mean it’s pirates, a party, and at the beach, how can it not be fun. 

I’ve also managed to talk him into going on a Pirate Booze Cruise. Now to just find a time when he’s:

  1. Home
  2. Not working
  3. I’m not working or volunteering 
  4. Nice weather

Really the hardest one of those things may be the weather as it’s been raining or threatening to rain for what seems like weeks. 

And, that’s all just the fun for Saturday. I actually don’t have any real plans for Sunday. Well except for grocery shopping and maybe heading out to some open houses to preview some homes and neighborhoods. 

What’s your weekend looking like? Any fun plans?


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