You Know What Today Is

It’s Monday which means it’s KICKBALL TIME!!!!

Tonight we had a doubleheader. A match against 2Legit and Jiminy Kickit. It was a bit warm out today and playing a doubleheader definitely wears you out when in the sun and heat. Remember.  Water. Is. Your. Friend.  

The last time we met up with 2Legit we were able to squeeze out a win, and tonight the outcome was a lose for us 😕. We’ve got some work to do, but we will get there. 

And, well our last game against Jiminy Was not one I want to relive. They crushed us. 12-1. Yikes!  Yeah, not our finest moment that’s for sure. Tonight’s game was much closer. We lost but only by 1 and it was all due to a cluster f*ck in the 4th. We made stupid mistakes and paid for it. But, we are learning and will get it. 

Now it’s time to look towards next week’s game. We only have 1 so we need to pull it together and get a win. 

Now it’s time for some food and beverages at the bar. Whoooo Kickball Monday!!!!


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