Suns Out

I’d share a picture of the sun and wonderful blue skies we are experiencing right now but I can’t ๐Ÿ˜•. So, take my word for it the sun has finally found its way out from wherever the heck she’s been hiding and the skies are blue instead of dark and cloudy. Whoooooooo!!!!!!

Been enjoying the sun. The husband finished up working on his truck. I’m pretty sure every tire on the truck has now been off and some part of the truck has been worked on in the last 2 weeks. 

He’s now currently working on converting our French Doors to be able to have a doggie door. We shall see how this goes. We may be buying a new door. Hopefully, this will work and we no longer will have to worry about opening the door for the dogs a 1000x a day. The last couple of months we’ve been okay to leave the French Doors open as it hasn’t been heat or AC weather but that’s going to change rather quickly here and we will need to go back to having that door shut or cool a room that isn’t well insulated so essentially cool the outdoors. And, well our wallet vetoes that idea. Oh and Captain Conservation does as well. 

So that’s the project the husband is working on I have a house to clean but with this project going on its probably best to wait before diving into that. I’m sure there will be a mess to contend with. 

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and the sun is shining. 



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