Good Way 2 Spend A Sunday

It’s a pretty nice day here in my neck of the woods. Sunny, and fairly warm temps. 

I set out on our back deck, threw the ball, well ball, stick, bone, and whatever else they brought me to throw, had my iPad with Suits ready to binge watch the latest episodes, and enjoyed a nice Homebrew Pineapple Cider made by the husband before he headed back out on the road. 

It was a win-win day for both the dogs and I. They got play time I caught up on a television show and enjoyed some fresh air. 

It wasn’t win-win for the household chores that needed to be done today, because well they aren’t done, and won’t be done today. So this week I’ll be getting all of the stuff done I should of gotten done today. And, of course this week is supposed to be beautiful with temps in the 70’s which means I’ll want to be spending time outside, guess I’ll be getting up early to get things done around the house so I can enjoy the weather and outdoors after work. 

And, well let’s face it household chores are always going to be there, nice weather on a Sunday is not a guarantee. 

Happy Sunday all hope you were able to enjoy it as I did. 


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