It Was A Good Day

Came home today to have some packages on my front steps. Let’s just say it was the Best. Mail. Day. Ever. 

I grew up in upstate NY so it’s the time of year when everyone is boiling sap. Making some Pure Maple Syrup. My older brother over the last week or so has been making me drool with the pictures he’s been posting of all the sap they’ve been boiling down into syrup. 

Seriously, I have been drooling just thinking about the maple goodness. I love maple syrup, well the real good stuff anyway. 

I won’t but fake maple syrup and won’t use maple syrup at a restaurant because let’s face it, it’s not real. It’s water, corn syrup, and caramel coloring. Nothing even resembling maple. Of course real maple syrup is expensive so I use it sparingly when when I do have it. I will get the Vermont maple syrup that for a little bottle is $10+ in the store and make it last forever. Because, well it’s expensive. I understand why it’s so expensive because I’ve seen how much sap it takes to make a gallon of syrup so yeah it’s going to cost a pretty penny. 

Of course nothing is better than the maple syrup made in the backyard sap house. And, well my brother made my day today when I came home to this: 

 OMG I’m going to heaven. I will be eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow just so I can indulge and enjoy this wonderful Catskill Mountain goodness. 

Of course after tomorrow’s maple syrup everything I’ll horde it like there will never be maple syrup again. Sorry, husband I’m not sure I can say I’ll share this with you when you get home. I mean this is liquid gold right here. 

Yummmmm I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow. 

Happy Thursday all!!!


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