Did You Know?

Last night as I was watching the local news, which I do on occasion, I learned something I didn’t know. 

Apparently there are 2 official springs. There is the calendar spring which will happen in a couple of weeks, and there is the meteorological spring. I didn’t know this. According to meteorologists spring starts March 1st. As the coldest quarter of the year runs from December 1st through March 1st. If you went by the 20th you would not be in the coldest part of the year. 

So, hey it’s officially spring. I’ll take it! So I don’t feel bad about wearing flip flops, just a light sweater, and leaning towards more pastel/light airy colors, both in my wardrobe choices and on my nails. 

And, well my yard landscaping thinks it’s been spring for a while as all my bushes have flowered and look gorgeous. And, well I’ve written at length about my dogs and the shedding they’ve been doing. 

I mean who knows maybe my dogs are smarter than me and already knew that spring was really starting on March 1. 

So, if you knew this already awesome why didn’t you tell me I could of been springing it up so much earlier for years now. And, if this is news to you like it was for me well now you know. 

Happy Hump Day and Happy Meteorological Spring!!!



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