You’re Driving Me Nuts

Anyone want 2 lab mix dogs? I may be willing to hand mibe over to you. No, not really I’m keeping them. But, man are they driving me crazy today. 

The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days and with this you’d think they’d burn off some energy. Nope! Wrong! This nice weather has made them lunatics. They spend a majority of the day outside causing havoc in the yard. Oh and, let’s not forget the 10-20 minutes of playing fetch with them every couple of hours. They are outside. Running. Chasing squirrels and birds. You’d think they would start to wear themselves out. No, somehow this has given them more energy. 

After a good fetch session in which they are both panting like a freight train and sucking down water like it’s going out of style we come in, and they bring a toy wanting me to throw it in the house. Are you kidding me? One we don’t play ball in the house it’s just not big enough for that, two you stopped bringing the ball back to me while we were outside, and three I have other things to do other than entertaining you. 

Part of this whole pay attention to me play with me at all times is because the husband is on the road again but it’s been 2 weeks since he left usually this is behavior in the first week he is gone. 

Oh and let me tell you this its like they know daylight savings is coming because the last 4 days they have been waking me up at 5:30 wanting to go out and be fed. Uhmmmmm NO!!! 6:30 and that’s me being generous I’d rather you make it to 7 please. 

I love my dogs but man they are making it hard to get things done. If you drive by and hear yelling about “Go Chase A Squirrel” don’t worry it’s me just trying to get the dogs to go out and play and burn off some of the apparently, endless supply of energy. 

I’m off for another round of fetch. Let’s see which one brings back the ball. 


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