Gettin’ Springy With It

Since winter has pretty much said yeah I’m going to skip this year here in my neck of the woods, and well I’m really not too upset by this little development, well except for the continuous dog hair issue, but anyway I decided to go with a little bit on the springy side for my manicure. And, that was perhaps the longest sentence ever. 

So, spring is actually rapidly approaching and with temps in the high 60’s you can’t help be ready for spring. I decided to mix up the manicure this week. I didn’t go straight up wraps this time. I added in some nail lacquer this time around.  

 I am completely in love with this combination. So much fun and spring like but not super light and airy. In a few more weeks you can bet there will be all sorts of fun spring looks on my nails. 

Oh and I’m not sure I shared this, but Saturday night I went bowling. Well I decided to conduct a little test on Jamberry wraps. And well, these crazy Jamberry wraps held up to the test without an issue. Bowling doesn’t cause wear on the Jamberry, I bet you can’t say the same about nail polish.  

 So yeah Jamberry, if you like having your nails done I vote for this option.  

 Seriously 2 weeks I wore those. No chipping. What!!!! Yeah look didn’t chip at all just some wear at the tips which would happen with polish as well and well they’d look nothing like that after 2 weeks. I’d have just a few specks of polish left on my nails not perfect nails. 

If you’re not sure about this whole nail wrap thing they make lacquer which I will say is 100 times better than polish any day. It’s thicker than polish, so you only need one coat, which is a time saver, they go on completely smooth, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve put on polish and end up bubbles and bumps on my nail, and it drys super fast. Within a minute it’s dry. Do you still need to be careful yes but I don’t have to sit with my fingers spread out before me not moving for 10-20 minutes waiting for my polish to dry. So yes, please give me some lacquer. 

And, all you gel lovers out there, a Jamberry has that too. They have a gel system that is wonderful. Also it works with all of their products. You can use the gel base and top coats over wraps and lacquers as well as the gel colors, and well that means an even longer wear for you.  

So, really they have something for everyone. 

I will tell you from my experience the easiest wraps to apply to nails and to get looking the best and will have minimal wrinkles to smooth out is the wraps that have the glossy finish. Of course it will probably be different for everyone based on their nails but for me glossy is the easiest to apply. Sparkle and luster finishes are a close second for ease of application for me. I tend to stay away from the satin finish as I can not get them to go on wrinkle free. They go on but I always have wrinkles around the edges I also tend to have this problem with the metallic finish. Not near as badly as the satin finish but definitely not as nice looking on my nails as other finishes. Of course it is all trial and error for a person. What works for me may not work for you. 

If you haven’t tried Jamberry out now’s the time. Today is the last day you can get 100+wraps as they are retiring to make room for the new wraps that will be available tomorrow. 

I’m excited for this I can’t wait to see all of the new designs for the spring and summer. 

You can check out all Jamberry has to offer or even shop right here. Go ahead and click it you know you want to. 


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