Binge Worthy

I said I wasn’t going to do it. But I did. 

In my defense though it was after work. 

And, they are only 25-30 minutes long. 

I folded laundry during this time and even played fetch in the house with the dogs, which was a treat for them. 

I haven’t completely finished the series, but who am I kidding it will be done before I go to bed tonight. 

I also should get credit as I was not one of those who stayed up till 3am to start watching. I went to sleep. It may or may not have been playing while I got ready this morning, but I’ll never tell. 

What am I talking about? Fuller House of course. Today is premiere day and well with Netflix the entire season comes out all at once. And, well here we are several episodes in. 

What can I say about the show? Just as corny as I remember the original to be, but I still love it. It brings back so many memories of TGIF during my childhood. 

Anyone else watch Fuller House what do you think?  I’m hoping for a second season. 


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