Good Day

I got a lot done today. Took care of things around the house that needed to be done, knocked all the errands off the list, of course I have a whole new list for tomorrow but such is life. 

It was a really good day as I picked up my new business cards and am ready to give them out. 

I picked up a nanny gig, which is cool because hey it’s quick cash and easy since the gig started after the munchkins were already in bed. So far they are sleeping well like babies. 

Who else is getting ready for Fuller House about 4 hours from now we can all binge watch the season. I won’t be bigge watching but I’ll be sneaking in a few episodes here and there over the next couple of days. 

  And, I did my nails and they even match my necklace. That was totally by chance, but I think I’ll be wearing something that goes with the necklace tomorrow. Can’t waste that opportunity. 
And, here’s to tomorrow being Friday. 


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