Oh Mother Nature

Yesterday I talked about the weird weather and lack of winter. Well today we are getting storms. 

Got this alert on my phone today while I was out doing some work and errands.  

 We just had a line move through where there was some thunder, lightning, wind, and rain. In parts of the area there were even some tornado type situations going on. 

With this last line that went through people have lost power, I’m still good here as the storm wasn’t bad here. The wind is blowing a bit and there were a few cracks of lightening but nothing to serious.  Although, I’ve got the phone, laptop, tablet, and power bricks fully charged and ready to go if we should lose power.

A nearby town hasn’t fared as well they are trying to assess the damage. A possible tornado may have touched down and there is confirmed deaths, which is awful. I am sending out positive thoughts and prayers to all those that are going through this. 

Another, storm line is supposed to come through in a little while, which could potentially be worse. 

It could be an interesting couple of hours here. We shall see. 

Mother Nature we get it you’re ticked off and bitchy. I wish you’d get over yourself and be nice. 

Tornados and thunderstorms here and other parts of the country are getting hammered by snow and blizzard like conditions. 

She’s a crazy lady. 

If you’re in the path of any crazy weather take the precautions you need to stay safe. 


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