Busy Last Few Days

It’s been a while since my last post. And, well life happens, life gets busy, and sacrifices are made, and so some days that means the blog gets pushed to the back burner. 

Anyway, I’ve been pretty productive today and am on a role so I’m blogging now. 

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday we went over to our friend’s house to watch the game. We enjoyed some snacks, drinks, and good company. Uhmmmm puppy monkey baby. I feel that was the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a while, not to mention I thought they were saying f*cking monkey baby, but knew that couldn’t be right. All I have to say is pure marketing genius because that is all anyone is talking about. Way to go marketing team at Mountain Dew. 

Monday was a filled day of doing stuff around the house, running errands, and picking up our new custom built mattress. We know have a California king bed with the width of a standard king bed. Yeah that’s right we have length and width.  

 If you notice onesie has an extra pad on it, well that’s because the husband like sleeping on a board and I want to sleep on a cloud. Seriously, thank you Original Mattress Factory for hooking is up with the best fit for us. 

Monday night was followed up by attending a meeting on a proposed project to build a 261 unit apartment complex in our neighborhood. Let’s just put it this way very few people are excited about it. And, the developer is a bit in his own world with the rents he thinks he will get there. Uhmmm $3500/month for rent, no thanks I’ll buy the million dollar home down the street for that. Oh and somehow 261 units will create less traffic then the boat storage yard that is currently there.  Hmmmm I may have to disagree with you on that one buddy. 

  Although the proposed drawing looks nice. Just a question of how long that would stay that way. 
Tuesday was a Junior League fundraising event. A local craft brewery which happens to be about 500 feet from my house hosted the event. It was a Brews & Beads for Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday. The brewery donated money from each pint and growler sold to our organization. Which was awesome and so much fun. We had a great turn out. 

I also finished up my continuing education I needed to for real estate. So that’s one last thing I need to worry about. 

Today was spent organizing things in the house and getting the house almost completely back to normal after the great office renovation. Few more things to find homes for and put away but other than that we finished it up today. 

I started and finished a training for my travel agent job and will start another one tomorrow. Moving things along on all of my job fronts. 

Today also had me working on some Stella & Dot as I have a party coming up. So I’ve been working on getting the stuff together and set up for the party which is taking place both on Facebook and in home. So double party duty. 

 Ahhhhh Monday and wine because why not. 

Now it’s waiting for the husband to come home so we can have some dinner. This girl is hungry. 


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