The Holy Grail Has Been Found!!!

Seriously, who knew finding a file cabinet would be this difficult. I think we went to almost every office store in the area. 

Today, the husband finally found it. Whoooo!!!! So now, the office is up and running. We have everything we need now and almost everything is put back in, and new homes have been found for the things that need not be in there.  

I also attended a training with the Junior League tonight. It was great and I really enjoyed it. It was all about fundraising and how to go about seeking donations and sponsorships. It was super informative and I found that a lot of the ideas I can use in my real life jobs as well. It also helped that the 2 woman giving the presentation were a lot of fun and personable. 

And, finally check these babies out  

 Love how they came out. So cool. I’m ready for Valentine’s Day and also supporting the American Heart Association. 

You can get your own here.

And, if you’re loving the ring which I totally am you can find it by clicking here.


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