It’s Been A Day

We had quite a day. We went and tested out new mattresses as our current one is awful. We found one that we both can agree on. The husband likes sleeping on a board I’m a sleeping on a cloud type of person. We also now have a custom sized mattress. King width with Cali king length. And, a pillow topper for my half of the bed to make it more like a cloud and less like a board. 

After the great mattress search it was home to work on the office a bit more, the closet has been cleaned out, doors fixed, and shelf adjusted so that we can have hinge hanging in it. Now to just get a file cabinet. It’s like the Holy Grail trying to get one in this city apparently. 

Our night took an unexpected turn when our tenant called today that the house behind our rental had sold and they surveyed it and the flags were on our property. I made some calls and used my realtor knowledge to find out some info. We went over to the house and measured it out. We found it to be a little off but nothing like we thought. 

By the time this excitement was done it was 8pm and we were starving. We headed out to dinner with my fellow realtor and friend and her husband who is also a friend. We went to one dive bar that will be the spring season kickball bar, but they were closing down. We decided to go across the street. 

And, well it was an adventure we launched over the median. Oooppppsssss. We somehow wandered into an open mic night. Oh my, my poor ears can not unhear what we heard there. Oh man. But, of course it’s like a train wreck and I want to go back to see what talent waltzes in next week. It was definitely an experience. 

Then of course the night ended with us coming home to animal control at our house. Really!!!! A neighbor decided to call animal control on our dogs for barking. Really!!! Dogs bark and not anymore than any of the other dogs that live in the adjoining yards to ours. 

Animal control knocked on our door saw we weren’t home, parked down the street and observed our dogs behavior. Yes they bark when people walk by but then stop and lay down. I guess our lovely neighbor also told animal control that our dogs lay at the gate and are left out all the time no matter the weather. Uhmmmm no not the case. The husband told them they have a dog door to get into the house, and during the summer the dogs have a pool with a flipping water slide and sprinkler for cripes sakes. 

Seriously, people if you have a problem come knock on my door and tell me. And, you should be happy that my dogs bark when people are walking around the neighborhood with all of the car and home break-ins that have been occurring in the neighborhood they haven’t happened on our street. Because, let me tell you I’m going to know with my barking alert system. 

Here’s a picture of the little troublemakers  

 And, well that’s enough for one day. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a little less eventful. 


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