Oh Wait It’s February 1st I Got Confused

This was our day: 

 Yes that’s correct folks at 12 today it was 68 out. Did I mention it’s February 1st. Capris, tee, and flip flops are what I’m wearing today. It feels like spring outside. I love it, but am wondering how much we will pay for this beautiful weather. 

All of our landscaping is blooming, my poor dogs coats are all sorts of confused. To say they are shedding like crazy again is an understatement. 

We currently have every window and door in the house open enjoying the fresh warm breeze. 

Since it was such a nice day the husband climbed up on the roof and put in some diverters over the doors of the house. So now hopefully when it rains we won’t get completely drenched entering or exiting the house. The front door and both doors that we use off the sunroom have been fixed. Of course the only way to tell if they truly work is to wait and see when it rains. 

The husband is out in his garage/lab/workshop continuing to work on his brewing station. He’s like a kid at Christmas with all of the packages that have been arriving for this project. 

We also ran to the office supply store to pick up the things we needed. Oh my that turned into a giant cluster. Good grief how do you not know if you have something in stock. Go in the back and look on the shelf. All I want is a filing cabinet. Let’s just say our checkout took a good 30+minutes. 

Oh and well here’s the current situation here  

 Although, tomorrow the high is only supposed to be in the 50’s guess I’ll wear a sweater. 

Happy Monday


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