Today was spent working on putting the office back together. I made some headway on the thing. 

The bookshelf is now organized and looking good. I also have a designated shelf for travel agent and another for real estate books and information. After the bookshelf was completed it was onto the desk. 

I worked on putting all of the office supplies away in the various storage areas and setting up the desk for the best workable space. 

I organized space for each of my businesses and got things where I want them. 

I’m now working on finding homes for all of the things that have sort of just ended up in the room because they didn’t really have a place to go. Along with finding homes for everything I’m slimming things down. Which, basically means I’ll be making a trip to GoodWill shortly with a whole bunch of stuff that needs to get the heck out of my house. 

Of course I haven’t even tackled the closet in the office yet but that will be a chore but when I’m done it will be an organized marvel. 

After all of this I’ll have an actual office that I can be in and get work done. Whooooo! Finally!


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