Feels Good

I’m a member of the Junior League here in my little corner of the world. Well actually I’m a Provisional as in its my first year and I’m learning all about the league. 

Every year the Provisional class has an American Red Cross Blood Drive. Today was our blood drive and we did awesome.

We had a great turn out for the event and surpassed our goal by a lot.


This was only half way through the drive.

We had a goal of 90 and collected 126 units. Thanks to all who came out and donated. If you are able to donate please do so as they are in urgent need of blood right now. 

Along with the blood drive going on today our local civic league had a meeting in which I somehow have been nominated as president, not sure how that happened. Oh wait yes I do know how that happened. It’s called I thought you were my friend. It’s okay I haven’t been elected yet although currently in running unopposed. Although, if I do get elected there are definitely some things I’d like to do and change so what better way then to step up and do something about it. And, hey it’s not like I don’t have enough going on in my life what’s a little more. It’s good to get involved in the community, and this will be a big way to do it. 

I’m really starting to make a life for myself here. I’m finally getting settled and planning on stayin here for the long haul. I love that the husband and I are finally setting down roots. 



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