We Have A Office

Today the husband and I spent the day assembling the office. Last night we cleared all of the stuff out of the office so that we’d have room to work and place the furniture where it would now go.  

We started out the day assembling the desks, okay the husband assembled I handed him the screws, and other bits of hardware. 

It was all assembled by early afternoon, which worked out perfect as I had to leave for a work function. 

While I was at my function the husband moved the rest of the furniture back into the room and well it’s coming right along. 

Now of course comes the long process portion of this endeavor going through everything and putting it all away where it needs to go. Finding a home for all of the stuff. Hello next couple of days I know what I’ll be doing. 

The bookcase is going to be the bane of my existence. I’m going to be moving shelves around and finding the best way to put all of these books away. 

And then of course we have the process of putting all of the office supplies and my work nonsense away organized and in the best working order. 


New corner desk



And, you can see in the hall only some of the books that need to be organized and placed on the shelf. 


Spare bed/sometimes work station when the husband is around

Going to find some cool things to hang on the walls and an office we will have. 

I of course will be labeling everything as I can not work in chaos, hence the reason why I never worked in their because well the husband apparently can only work in chaos and so it’s been his space. Because, I’ll organize it and after 5 minutes of him being home it’s complete chaos again. It gives me anxiety. He’s been warned. The office is no longer a chaos zone it’s been declared chaos-free. 

Happy Thursday. 


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