That Yellow & Blue Store

Today, the husband and I dropped the dogs off and headed to Northern Virginia for a quick trip to the land of flat pack furniture, otherwise known as IKEA. 

We were on the hunt for furniture for my office. And, we were successful finally. We found a workspace with lots of storage and space. 2 things we need. Whoooo finally!!! So the next few days will definitely be taking everything out of the room so that we can build the furniture and start the organization process. I can’t wait because the room gives me anxiety to enter right now. It’s a complete disaster. And, well once it’s organized it will stay that way or the husband may lose a limb. 

And, then of course we entered the land of my downfall the Marketplace. Watch out bank account you’re about to take a hit. 

We didn’t do to terribly we picked up a bunch of organizational things for the office along with a ton of their kitchen towels for $0.79 you can’t go wrong, we also picked up some for our friends as they love them too. You’re welcome guys. Lots of other miscellaneous items that cost between $1-7 which quickly add up as you’re throwing things on the cart. However, we did make it out of IKEA way below what we would of paid at the local office stores for a workstation. 

So thank you IKEA you’ve saved us once again. 


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