Lazy Blogger

I’ve been a bit lazy with the blogging, as in I haven’t been doing it. Bad blogger that I am. 

Things have been a little busy so sometimes things fall to the way-side. 

We had a bit of a storm here and by a bit of a storm I mean pretty much nothing. However, people here aren’t quite sure how to navigate the slightly nasty roads so things were shut down. 

Here’s the aftermath of the storm 

 Lucky we survived it. Oh did I mention it was 65 today. 

We braved the storm and went out for a friend’s birthday, it helps we were all once upstate NYers so a little winters mix didn’t phase us. 

The husband and I have continued to do some home projects. It’s definitely coming along. Tomorrow we are venturing off to Ikea to see if we can solve this home office dilemma. 

Making progress in my new job endeavors. Making headway on getting business cards and all of those upfront things you need to successfully market yourself. 

This week is actually a bit less crazy which is nice, but of course next week things pick up again. So many things to do and some days not enough time in the day. 

Here’s to Tuesday hope the week is being kind to you. 


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