Some May Call It Productive

Today, the husband and I set out to find a desk for the house. As I’m starting on several new endeavors this year I need a workspace, and hence the reason for he desk. 

Well, it was a bust. Several office and furniture stores later we have found nothing. We did find one that was nice but it was about 4 inches to big and way more $$$$$ than either of us wanted to spend. So needless to say the search will be continued. 

So on that note we were productive in finding that none of the stores in the area had anything that we wanted.  Now we know that the search needs to be expanded. 

Along with the search for a desk we have been on the search for a dog door. Finding the door not much of an issue finding the extension piece for said door, BIG problem. While looking for the dog door solution we checked out French and sliding doors to replace the current French doors in the house that need a serious upgrade. So again haven’t gotten what we need, but picked up some ideas. 

The other reason for the trip to Home Depot and then Lowes was for my kitchen sink faucet. In Wyoming I had the touch faucet. The first few days I hated the damn thing but then fell in love with it. And, well our current faucet in the kitchen is crap. It’s all lightweight plastic so any day now I’m expecting for the thing to crack, and the spray on it is dismal at best. So, once again we looked for the faucet, and again left empty handed. We will be looking online to see what other options are available. So, we know we aren’t crazy about the ones currently displayed in the store, but I still don’t have a new kitchen faucet. 

However, we did score some things. First a 60″ golf umbrella for under $5!!! I’m pretty excited about that. And oh yeah, we got these too:  

 Now let’s see how long I can keep them alive. 😧

I did also take care of a few things that I needed to get done for tomorrow’s busy day so that was productive. 

So, yeah you be the judge can today be considered productive?


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