Brrrr It’s Cold 

Holy Cannoli it’s finally winter. Today was freezing temps and lots of wind. I didn’t leave the house, well except to walk to the mailbox. 

I did spend the day working on my new endeavors. And, in a few days I’ll be sharing all of that excitement with you. I’ve got to get all my stuff taken care of and set up before sharing all of the new things I have going on. I’m pretty excited about it though. And, well it will definitely keep me busy both when the husband is home and gone. I don’t think I’ll be able to claim boredom once I get all of this stuff up and going. 

Although, getting all of this stuff up and going has become a bit of a headache as there were several technology issues I faced today. I was a bit annoyed by it to say the least, but got it to work in the end just took way longer than I had wanted and thus caused other things not to get done. 

Tomorrow I’ll get some more done and also attend my Junior League meeting. I’m pretty excited about the speakers that will be there they are going to be talking about health and fitness. It should be interesting and informative. 

Hope your Tuesday was kind to you. 


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