Making This House A Home

Today the husband continued the home improvement tour. He installed a second set of outlets in our living room and updated them all to 3-prong instead of the old school 2-prong. 

As he was finishing that project the UPS man delivered the living room fan, so it was onto that project. A new hole in the ceiling, assembling a whole ton of fan blades, and we now have a ceiling fan in our living room. Of course right now it’s finally decided to be winter so we don’t really need it, but once it warms up again it will be nice to have. 

Oh and well if you know my husband we do nothing subtly.  

 Because every house should have a 72″ fan in their living room. Let me tell you this thing moves some serious air. It was on low and I was like turn that thing off its too cold in here. It moves lots of air. Now we just need to find one for the kitchen, not this big, and once the east coast hot and humid summer hits we will be all ready for it. 

  Now we just need to decide what we are going to hang on this big ole empty wall and this room will be complete. (Don’t mind the box, that’s from the fan as it has just finished being installed as I’m snapping photos)
Hmmmm I wonder what projects will take place tomorrow?


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