Sorry I’ve Been MIA

So, the husband returned a little over a week ago, and my blogging has been non-existent, so sorry about that, but we’ve had lots of things going on. 

The poor man came home to a list of things that needed to be taken care of plus he added to the list himself. But, I will say the man has been home for 11 days and has already wired in new outdoor lights, fixed the outlet issue in the bathrooms. Yeah, let me tell you about that in order to use a power outlet in the bathrooms you have to have the light on in the hall bathroom. Uhmmmm not sure what they were thinking when they wired that, but it’s fixed. He also moved the entertainment center in the living room so that the furniture could be moved, this was something that I had asked him to do before he left last time. He also needed to build a shelf for the microwave in the kitchen, well we went above that and now have a baker’s shelf in the kitchen that has created a ton of storage for us and solved our full size oven dilemma. We also picked up 2 smaller shelves for under the windows making even more storage space. 

A fan has been ordered for the living room and should be here later this week and, more outlets are going in to the living room. 

We are making this home our own and it’s really coming along. We do have a huge wall in the living room that needs something on it, but we will figure that out. 

On another note today it actually snowed. I mean it is January 17th and finally it was not only cold enough for snow it actually snowed. Mutant snow flakes at that too.  

 Not really able to see that well but the flakes were golf ball size. Oh and as you can see it didn’t stick and there’s a good chance the lawn will be getting mowed tomorrow as it’s quite high. 

So anyway hey, it snowed so, I decided to do some winter inspired nails.  

 Maybe we will get a few more snowflakes. 

Hope you’ve all been well. 


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