Oh Crud

Today I was scheduled to attend an orientation for a new endeavor I’m starting out on. When I was called by the company to schedule the orientation I was told a time. I promptly put it in my calendar and texted my friend who would also be taking the orientation. She got the call and told me she was taking it the same time. 

Okay great I planned my day to get stuff done in the morning before needing to head off to the orientation. 

The company basically keeps it a giant secret until less than 24 hours before your orientation to tell you where it is. I didn’t even look at the email as I knew the time and place. Well that was a mistake.

We showed up at the time that we were told the class was to find out that it started a half hour earlier. We were like what!!! Now it becomes a scheduling nightmare to reschedule this as we have tons of other classes and orientations going on. I’ve got it worked out but of course it’s not until next week, but I know what time I need to be there and will be there on time. 

But, seriously what’s with waiting the last minute to send out an email confirming your reservation.  Oh well lesson learned I will now read all 50 emails I get from the various parts to make sure there are no surprises.  

On another note tomorrow will be an exciting day. 


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