Busy As A Bee

Today has been quite busy. 

I woke up this morning to actual snow on the ground. It wasn’t much nor did it last long but still there was snow this morning when I woke up. The dogs loved it. 

I spent the day taking care of stuff around the house and cleaning out the closet. Yeah I love the whole put the hangers backwards and if you haven’t worn it during its season then get rid of it. Which I did today. I still need to weed out the Hoodies but that will happen on another day.

I had a nanny gig tonight which was great. I swear every time I go it’s a whole new baby. This time he’s a walker. He’s just 10 months old and has been walking for the last couple of weeks. I really shouldn’t say walking this kid is running. Oh man I think he’s going to be a handful. 

The warmer weather we had the last couple of weeks have caused the dogs to start their massive shedding again. I no sooner finish vacuuming there is enough hair back on the floor to create a whole new dog. 

Doggie doors will be installed soon so that they can let themselves in and out. Well if hey learn how to use them that is since they’ve never had one before. I hope they figure it out quickly and I can get more sleep in the mornings. 

Oh and I did these babies today: 

 Don’t mind that gnarly cuticle. It looks worse than it is.  I’m loving this combination. And, well I’m looking ahead to see what the next manicure will be. 

Tomorrow is another packed day and then a fairly quite day on Thursday. 


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