Winter Has Arrived

Christmas had temps reaching 80 actually pretty much the entire week leading up to Christmas was in the 70’s. Last week we were still in the 60’s. 

But, that’s changed. We had some rainy days and cooler temperatures, and today it finally came to a head. 

It actually snowed today. Well when I say snowed it was like 6 or 7 flakes that fell from the sky, but still if it’s snowing you know it’s a lot colder than it was just a few days ago. 

Yeah 39 feels like 25. Let’s just say the heat was on in the car along with the seat warmers. 

Wondering what the next few weeks will bring. On the plus side I can start wearing my sweaters and scarves. 

The weather has caused an issue for the garage door. As in it will get all the way closed and then go back up again. Found another item for the husband to fix. There was nothing in the way to percent the door from closing well because it actually did close all of the way and then would reopen itself. Stupid door. 

Anyway hopefully the first day back to work wasn’t too awful. 


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