A Little Rant Because I Can

  • Drivers here can’t handle percipitation. I mean if anything falls from the sky apparently every person here suddenly forgets how to drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, sleet, hail, or snow the drivers here freak the flip out. It’s not that bad people just keep driving. 
  • The traffic lights here are ridiculous. Why? Well let’s start with they are so freaking long. I see and understand why so many people run red lights here, because if you get stuck at the beginning of the cycle be prepared to sit for a while depending on the intersection you are at. Reason 2 if you’re traveling at peak times be prepared to be confused. If you’re sitting several cars back from the light be amazed at the fact that when the light is green you don’t move, but somehow when the light turns red you move. Reason 3 the lights are not timed right at all. Theoretically, if you drive the speed limit you should be able to drive the street without hitting a red light. Hahaha not here. Tonight I hit every red light, not because of traffic but because of the lights themselves. The light would turn green I’d drive just to watch the next light turn red. What???? And, we wonder why traffic is so bad. 
  • Emergency vehicles. They seriously may be the death of me. We have lots of traffic lights and intersections here. We have lots of intersections that have more than 4 roads of traffic converging so it can be a bit crazy. Add in a racing emergency vehicle and chaos ensues. Add on top of that the sirens aren’t necessarily loud, and even when you do finally here then you have no idea which direction they are coming from. I’m not sure why the EMS vehicles here are not equipped to change the lights to allow them to go through intersections. Outside the firehouses they have the ability to do it so why not everywhere? I’ve seen so many near misses because of the EMS vehicles coming through. Just this past week there was an accident involving a police car and another car. 
  • Car seats. I’m talking child seats. Good grief they are either the easiest things in the world to install or you’re getting a full body workout to install it. I’m not sure why they don’t make all child seats with the easy Click Click push installation. I mean it would guarantee proper installation and also make everyone’s life so much easier. 
  • Verizon. Apparently there was some sort of thing that they needed to work on on the pole outside my house. Hey great fix away but blocking my driveway so I can’t get out not okay. Oh and then you leave but have cones blocking my driveway and you left your table tools and hard out in the yard. I’m not sure what you’re doing but ok. 

And, well that’s enough ranting for now. Only 2 days left of 2015 are you ready for 2016?


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