It’s Only The Best Night Of The Year

12/24 and you know what that means? If you’re thinking Its Christmas Eve, Santa comes, spending time with family, or a million different variations of the sort you’re right, but that’s not what I’m talking about. 

Oh no my friends. Tonight at 8pm 24 hours of A Christmas Story starts. Yes all televisions in this house are tuned into this yearly event. This movie never gets old, not even seeing it for 24 hours straight.

  • You’ll shoot your eye out
  • Show mommy how the piggies eat
  • Daddy’s gonna kill Ralphie
  • No, no, not fa-ra-ra its fa-la-la

I mean come on I can come up with those classic lines without even trying. 

  • I can’t put my arms down
  • Be sure to drink your ovaltine 
  • Fragile must be Italian
  • It’s a major award
  • He had yellow eyes, yellow eyes, so help me god, yellow eyes

This is probably the only time the husband is glad he’s not home for Christmas. He just doesn’t get the: We. Are. Watching. This. For. 24. Hours. 

If you’re not watching it well I triple dog dare you to do it. 

And here’s some lights along the boardwalk for you to enjoy.  

    Merry Christmas Eve to all!!


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