Some People Take It A Bit Far

So, we all have become very aware of the blow up decorations that over the last few years have become very popular. 

I mean come on I even spotted a Hanukkah one 

 Remember this gem I spotted in the Christmas decorated neighborhood. 

Well I was visiting friends last night and their neighbor has taken the blow up decoration to a whole new level. I mean this thing is almost as tall as their 2 story house. Not to mention the other decorations they have all over the yard. 

I don’t have any problem finding the house at night right now. I just look for the huge blow up and lights.  

 I wonder if you can see it from space. The next door neighbors’ yard looks almost Bah Humbug in comparison to this display. 

How many blow up decorations are you currently enjoying in your yard? How are your holiday decorations looking this year? Are you as festive as these folks?

Happy Holidays!!!


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