1 Piece Closer

They are putting in a new bridge in my neighborhood. It’s a fairly large bridge as in double lanes and quite high to allow boats to pass under it. I mean I do live at the beach. 

Right now they are working on the first bridge as there will be 2 one going in each direction obviously. 

With the construction of this new bridge it really hasn’t caused too much trouble the road going onto and off the bridge has changed to accommodate the building of the new bridge is really the only change. From time to time you get some messiness with traffic because of construction vehicles coming and going, but overall not too much of a headache. 

Today we made it one step closer to having a completed bridge.  

 Literally one piece closer to having a completed bridge. I sat in traffic for a few minutes today so that could be delivered. I was actually lucky I hit the very tail end of the delivery so it was only a couple of minutes I waited before traffic was allowed to resume. 

Who knows maybe by 2046 the bridge will finally be done. 

For now it’s a construction zone with pieces of bridge being delivered from time to time.  

But hey it’s sunny blue sky’s here which is nice. 

Happy Wednesday!!!


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