Silly Dog

I have 2 dogs as you know if you’re a regular reader of the blog if not we’ll now you know I have 2 dogs. They are sweet crazy little dogs who for the most part are well behaved. 

I’m currently housing a third dog as my friends who are on a cruise left their husky with me. She enjoys the visit as she gets to run around and play with my dogs instead of the little Yorkies that live with her. 

She’s used to sleeping on a dog bed, and as I have a dog bed in my living room that is big enough for 2 and probably all 3 dogs, however Heidi has claimed it as her bed and her bed only. She will not share it and let me tell you if another dog lays on it she lets you know how displeased she is with this. Want to see a dog pout and I mean full on pout, I’m pretty sure there is even some sighing going on, have a dog lay on the dog bed in my living room. Anyway, to accommodate our guest I brought out one of the travel dog beds we have and put that in the living room, well than of course Bonnie, my other dog was left out. So I pulled out the other travel dog bed and put that on the floor of my living room as well. So now pretty much every surface of my living room is either covered by furniture or dog beds. 

Now let me tell you how much of a brat little Ms Heidi can be. She’s got her dog bed that she won’t share and loves but what does she do today she takes over the dog bed I put out for Bonnie. However, not only does she take over that dog bed she proceeds to sprawl out enough so that she is also laying on her dog bed. So yes the little brat was now using 2 dog beds. The best part is that Bonnie let’s her get away with it. 

As you can see Ms Heidi using 2 dog beds while Bonnie gets the floor. Callie’s bed is on the other side of the couch so there is no way for Heidi to take that one over too. Seriously, brat dog it’s a good thing she’s so cute and sweet. 


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