Bringing Back Some Nostalgia 

Who remembers Polaroid Cameras?  They were the things dreams were made of, okay maybe not but they were pretty freaking cool. 

I mean do you remember not being instantly able to see what you captured when you snapped the shutter, sending your film off to be developed, and then waiting to see your amazing photos, and most times coming to realize out of the 24-36 photos you took maybe 4 or 5 were something you were happy with. 

Polaroid cameras offered that instant gratification. Instant printing of the photo. You’d know right away if that family portrait was a keeper or you need to gather everyone back up for another shot. 

Then of course there was the shake shake shake of the photo while you anxiously awaited the photo to develop. It was like magic as the image slowly appeared before your eyes. 

I loved the Polaroid. I remember going to see my grandparents and them snapping Polaroids and fighting over who got to hold the picture while it developed. 

  They were big and pretty ugly looking things but the instant gratification was well beyond worth it. 
Of course they evolved over the years.  

 They got a little more stream-lined they even came out with one that took mini sticker pictures. They were a lot of fun. 

Of course they weren’t very cost effective as I think it was like 8 pictures per cartridge and the cartridge was way more then a dollar or two. But, who cares they were awesome.

Well Polaroid has slowly making a bit of a comeback. They now have some digital cameras that also instantly print. 

The Snap is the newest in the line it’s pretty compact and won’t break the bank.  


Print selection, Border selection, Timer, Shutter

The Snap comes in several color choices and as you can see as very little bells and whistles. You can choose to have the typical Polaroid border on your photo or not, print in color, black and white, or sepia. The camera features a 10 second timer. It doesn’t allow you to choose to print a picture so that is a downfall. You snap it it’s printing.  However, it does take a mini sd card up to 32g so you can have pictures on the card and load them onto your computer. I haven’t tried to take pictures without paper in the camera to see if it will just save to the card.  

Mini sd slot and charging port

The pictures it prints are tiny 2″x3″ but they have a backing you can remove to make them stickers if you so choose.  

The photo quality isn’t to shabby. And hey instant photos and hey it brings back memories. 

As well as the cameras they have a video recorder called the Cube and they have a mini printer that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you can instantly print pictures from your phone. 

Again as with the Polaroids of yesteryear the paper isn’t cheap. And, good luck finding it. It’s apparently quite the hot commodity. Stores are sold out Amazon is sold out but it’s coming back into stock soon on Amazon so if you’re looking for it order it now so when it comes back in stock you’ll get yours. 

Ahhhhh Polaroid how I’ve missed you in my life. 


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