Crazy Day

I was headed to a workshop for one of my jobs today when I got a frantic call from my friends who were getting ready to head out on a Disney Cruise. 

They were at the check-in for the cruise and as they were trying to board they realized that they had forgotten their daughter’s birth certificate. Yikes!!! 

Okay what will they accept? A photo of it in an email. I’m on it. Off to Grandma’s house to pick up the key for the house and I’ll race over to the house and get the birth certificate. Oh it’s in a lock box. Well things just got a bit more interesting. Okay we will get this open. 

We arrived at the house with an hour to get into this box, photograph the birth certificate, and get it emailed. Another friend was dispatched to the house as well to help with the getting the box open. 

We got lucky folks. 3 seconds was about all it took to get the box open. Just dropping it apparently works to open it. Note to self don’t buy that brand of lock box if I want to keep people out of it. 

A picture was quickly snapped, texted, and than emailed. We waited until we got confirmation that the email had been received and accepted as acceptable documentation. 

 As you can see it was accepted and they are off on their cruise!!! Crisis averted. Let this be a reminder to you people use a travel agent, they will remind you of these things. And, if you’re looking for an amazing travel agent, check this group of awesome agents out.

After the crisis had been taken care of, Shellee who was with me the entire time as she was also planning on getting some workshop stuff in, continued with some of our things we had planned on doing before going to the workshop. 

After we finished up our errands we went over to meet with the people doing the workshop even though it was over as we had some paperwork to take care of. Bummed we missed the workshop but glad we were able to get them on that boat. 

By the time we got out of the office it was nearly 5. We were both starving as we had planned on grabbing lunch before the workshop started. We called Shellee’s husband telling him to be ready we were coming to get him and going to eat. 

We decided to go try out this restaurant that we’ve driven by many times but never stop at as they have valet parking, cloth napkins, real burning candles. So yeah a bit upscale from our jeans and t-shirt look we are usually sporting when we decide to go out to eat. Being as we were all dressed for the office we headed on over. And, I’m so glad we did. It was delicious. Fresh food, and amazingly well done. I tried rock crab, which was yummy, I will have to try that again, I had fresh made mozzarella salad, which OMG I could eat that all day every day. The Phrogers had Prime Rib I went for tuna. I loved it. It was I don’t even have words for it. Then it was on to dessert and well again more yumminess ensued. It’s definitely pricey but it was worth it. Great food, atmosphere, and service. It was a win. When the husband gets home I may have to suggest we give it a try, I’m sure he will love it as well. 

Then we loaded into the car and started heading home, until I spotted this house all lit up.  I quickly pulled a u-turn and enter this development that not just the one house that I saw from the street was decorated to the 9’s but the entire neighborhood. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, I was driving so I was unable to get any photos of the houses but I will be going back and I’ll pull over to take the photos. Some of the decorations that people had were amazing. 

Oh and we spotted this: 

 We sent this to my husband, hmmmm anyone want to place bets on whether or not one of these will be arriving at my house. I’d totally rock that in my front yard along with hopefully one year having our Christmas lights up again with the husband being home for the holiday. 

So it’s been a way more eventful day than I had originally planned but hey that’s okay. I mean it’s Friday bring on the weekend and the Farmer’s market tomorrow and Army Navy game. 

GO NAVY!!!!!


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