I came across this article today about the most faithful dog breeds. And, well it was a welcome relief from all of the gun debate and Trump haters and supporters. 

And, seriously you want to see a bunch of adults act worse than a bunch of undisciplined children mention gun control and or Trump. My goodness the stuff that is spewing out of people’s mouths right now is just plain disgusting. 

Anyway, let’s move on to some lighter stuff. Dogs. I read the article and you can too, just by clicking right here.

I’m really happy to say that my 2 dogs are on the list. My 4 legged children are not full breed they are mixed with lab but they still fit the bill. 

First up: 

 This would be Heidi to a tee. Strangers are not her thing to say aloof is an understatement, but once she gets to know you and warm up to you watch out you’ve got a friend for life. 

Next up: 

 Bonnie is a great dog, well when she’s not driving me bat-sh*t crazy. I mean when we say loyal let’s just put it this way in not even taking a shower by myself. She’s right by my side. Well unless the husband is home and well he’s her favorite human and she is in sure in her own doggie way counting down the days till he is home again. 

And, you know if having 2 crazy energetic dogs in the house wasn’t fun enough, I’ve got my friends’ husky for the week. She is another great dog. And, hey maybe she’ll teach my dogs some better manners.

The 3 of them have been running around the yard chasing each other and shadows I think I don’t even know what they are chasing half the time. And, after being outdoors they are all passed out throughout the house on different dog beds. Let’s hope they let me sleep in tomorrow. 


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