My Husband Is Too Much – Love Him

The husband is gone for work and once again is missing the holidays. It’s something we’ve gotten accustomed to. 

Anyway, Hanukkah started last night and today the Hanukkah gifts arrived. When I saw the box was from ModernTribe I started shaking my head and smiling. 

Contained in the box was 8 separate items. All but 2 pertain to cooking. Either he’s hinting at something or he just figured I have every other kitchen gadget on the planet so why not add to it. Either way I love it. 

  Star of David or Dreidel pancakes or latkes anyone?

  I’ll have to talk him into replacing the EZ-Bake Oven with a full size one so that I can bake my 9 billion cookies. I have new cookie cutters!!!!

  Bring in the Challah!!!! And well now I won’t have to braid it. Score!!!!
  Star of David cake or gelatin mold anyone? And, how about that spatula. 
  Hanukkah Bear to add to the collection of stuffed animals. Oh and how cute is this: 

Then of course no Hanukkah celebration isn’t complete without a little dreidel action.  

 Who’s down for a little Texas Dreidel?

Happy Hanukkah!!!


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