Stop And Take A Deep Breath

With the mass shooting in California once again the great gun debate is upon us. I usually try to stay away from these hot button topics on my blog because it’s just a fun place for me to discuss whatever the heck I want. However, over the last few days I’ve had enough.

Here’s the thing I believe in our 2nd Ammendment right. And let’s discuss that first. It’s a right. The dictionary defines it as, “A legal or moral entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way”.  We all have this right guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States of America, you have this right regardless if you choose to use it or not. Should you want to exercise this right you can should you choose not to that’s fine too. 

Do I believe that everytime there is a shooting that the knee jerk reaction is to blame guns, the NRA, and pro-gun/Second Ammendment supporters. Absolutely not. Now here’s the thing we can impose all of the restrictions and laws you want on guns, however if someone has made up there mind to do harm to themselves and others they will find a way. Guns may be the way that they deliver the destruction but it’s not the gun it’s the person. 

Remember the Boston Marathon attack? People wanted to harm others. No guns were used initially. Weapon of choice homemade bombs using pressure cookers. Casper, Wyoming a person used a knife to kill one person and than went into a college classroom and killed the professor with a crossbow. That’s just 2 incidents where guns were not used to cause harm to others. There are many more just like it. 

People are screaming background checks need to be done. They are done. The latest shooting happened in state with some of the strictest gun laws the guns were bought legally, which means they passed a background check. Here’s the thing with a background check if you haven’t done anything yet they aren’t going to find anything on you. So yes we can do stricter background checks but if the person hasn’t done anything wrong then it’s going to come back clean. So, what have we accomplished? If you’ve done something before it’s going to come up on the background check and therefore you’re either going to be denied the purchase or there will be more checking done. 

Other people are talking about gun-free zones and how more shootings happen in these areas. Then of course the opposing sides argument is Fort Hood ring a bell. In which they state military base and lots of weapons and 2 shootings have occurred over the last couple of years. Okay, this is where I get pissed. This is coming from people who have clearly never stepped foot on a military instillation. If you’ve ever been on a military base you’ll know a couple of things about this to be completely untrue. When you drive on a base as you enter the security check point the first thing you’ll notice is the big sign forbidding firearms to enter the base. Once you’ve made it through the gate and are on base you’ll see tons of service members. Good luck finding one that is armed. Being a person that is on military bases nearly daily the only people I ever see armed are the MPs, and Security Forces depending on the type of instillation you’re visiting. Yes, there are weapons on base I’m not saying there are not because there are but people are not walking around with them. And, if you look at where the shootings at Fort Hood occurred you’ll also note that they were in places where people were getting medical care. Yeah not exactly a place you’d expect an arsenal to be. The second shooting was at an admin building again not a place where you’d expect an arsenal. Let us not forget that every service member on a military installation is not carrying a weapon. So, yes you’re right shootings happened on a military base but essentially you’re talking a gun-free zone. 

How can I refer to this as a gun-free zone because it basically is. Don’t believe me do you not remember the shootings in Chattanooga? Again the service members there are not allowed to have weapons on their person. Pretty much makes it a gun-free zone don’t you think? When the guns and ammo are locked up they aren’t an easy thing to get your hands on at a moments notice. 

Also brought up is the ship yard shootings. Again can’t have a gun on you. Are you seeing where I am going with this? 

Now am I sitting here saying gun-free zones encourage mass shootings and we need to do away with them. No, that’s not at all what I’m saying, but what I am saying is step back and do your research. Just because a mass shooting happened at a military installation doesn’t mean that there are guns everywhere and everyone has access at a moments notice to them. So please stop using that as your counter-argument because it really doesn’t fly. 

It doesn’t matter where I stand on the whole gun debate. What matters is people need to step back and take a deep breath, do some research, and not listen to everything the media is trying to push down our throats no matter who you’re watching Fox, NBC, CNN, it doesn’t matter they are far from biased. They all have their own agendas, which is sad. We no longer live in place where the news is reported with no slant one way or the other. 

Now let’s move onto Ulster County NY, where the sheriff posted this: 

Of course this has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, you either agree with him or are screaming and yelling. 

Again we need to take a deep breath and read what he wrote not what you want to hear. He said he is encouraging people to exercise their 2nd Ammendment right, which anyone of us can say and oh that’s right it’s our right to do so. He goes on to say do so in a responsible manner and know the laws of NY State. 

Nowhere in that statement does he tell people to become vigilantes or to go shooting up places. However, this is where people have gone. Screaming that he has just gave license to everyone to carry guns and basically we are back to the Wild West. Nor does he say he can’t perform his job or need the public to do the police forces job. However, I will point out to you it is not the police forces job to protect you, their job is to enforce the law. So yes protecting you becomes part of that but that is not their primary job. I get and understand that some people don’t like guns whatever your reasons are and that’s your choice but again step back take a deep breath and read what was said. 

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with what he said what matters is how we go about addressing it. Screaming yelling and calling each other names is not really the way to go about it. 

This latest shooting was a terrorist act. Not caused by a mentally disturbed person or white supremacist it was caused by 2 people who planned out a terrorist attack. Did they use guns, yes they did as well as having bombs ready to go. Again, they could of caused just as much if not more by using their homemade bombs than the guns they ultimately used. 

Do I carry a gun on me, does that answer really matter? Do you? Again the answer doesn’t matter. It’s called respect and we need to have it for each other and we need to do some serious research before we go off spouting whatever it is we feel in the heat of the moment. Wherever you stand on this debate it is sure to be one that will continue to go on with the world we live in. 

So it really truly doesn’t matter where any of us stand on the great gun debate. It does matter how we approach it and knee jerk reactions, name calling, and trying to push your opinion down someone else’s throat is not the way to go about it. 

Just something to think about. 


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