Oh Waze

I love the Waze app. It’s a GPS that uses information from its users to best guide you on your travels and to alert you to road hazards, police, accidents, traffic issues, and even red light cameras. 

I love the app and have been using it for several years now. It’s been quite entertaining at times sending you different ways to avoid traffic issues.

  • Wanting me to get off at every exit to just get back on in hopes to avoid some traffic on the GWB. Uhm sorry Waze but I’m pretty sure that’s not even a legal thing to do, and oh yeah it’s NYC so I won’t be sitting on the highway if I do that I’ll be sitting on the ramp trying to merge. 
  • Having me cut down a back alley and through a parking lot to avoid a traffic backup. Okay I’ll trust you on this one. 
  • There have been a few times when it’s sent me through some sketchy neighborhoods. 

So it’s been quite useful over time. Well it just got better. To bad it’s only a limited time that this cool feature will be around. Right now the navigation voice is C3PO. Yeah you heard me right C3-freaking-PO as the voice. It’s great. And, I love it!!!! Some of the best things heard while driving with Waze and C3PO:

  • Police reported ahead. Don’t blame me I’m just the interpreter 
  • Hazard ahead. We’re sure to be destroyed. This is madness
  • Turn left master
  • Red light camera ahead. Let the force be with you

That’s just a little of what you get from C3PO. Yeah I’ve been driving with Waze on in the background just so I can hear all of C3PO’s sayings. 

Ahhhh Waze you continue to amaze me. 


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