December 1st

Holy Moly December 1st already. 

Everyone is getting ready for the holidays. Lights and displays are up all over yards throughout town. 

My house looks dark and this is pretty much my decorating this year: 

I mean the husband is gone till after the New Year, I’m not climbing on a ladder to string up lights and let’s not even mention the fact I would also have to climb up in one of the garage attics to get all of the decorations. Yeah, I don’t even know which garage the decorations are in. I’m almost certain that they are in the attached garage but who knows. 

So yeah I’m liking that way of decorating. It’s quick, simple, and a quick clean up. My kind of decorating. Oh wait I need to bring in the fall decorations that are currently outside my front door. That’s on the list for Friday. 

Happy 1st day of the last month of the year. 


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