Rainy Day

It was and still is a rainy, dreary, wet, damp, and miserable day outside. On the upside the weather doesn’t bother the dogs. They were outside playing in the rain and mud a big chunk of the day, of course my house doesn’t really like that as now there are muddy paw prints all over th floor of the house, but hey my dogs don’t mind the weather one bit. 

It was a great day to have some hot cocoa with frothed milk. Yeah I make hot cocoa from scratch. I was able to find almond milk hazelnut creamer. What!!!! Yeah I was and still am very excited about this. I used half of the hazelnut almond milk creamer mixed with plain almond milk, added some dark cocoa powder and a hint of honey and simmered it on the stove. Once it was all hot and melted together, I used my $5 IKEA purchase. A stainless steal pitcher and a little battery operated milk frother. Best $5 spent ever. So I have a nice thick foamy hot cocoa beverage and finished up a book and started on another. 

And, well on rainy days what’s better to do but to indulge in a little Netflix binging. Can we say Airwolf marathon. Okay, not really a marathon but I did watch a couple of episodes. 

What is better to do on a rainy day but to eat soup. I whipped up a chicken rice soup using leftovers. It was delicious, and the dogs are really going to love it as they will be getting the leftovers with their dinner tonight. 

So, hey a little rain hasn’t dampened my day. 


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