The Struggle Is Real

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a Type A personality with a heaping dose of OCD. Okay it’s not diagnosed OCD, but I have issues when things are moved from their place and clutter drives me nuts. Things have their place and a way to be done and if they are not in their place or done a certain way I tend to get a bit anxious and a bit panicked. 

  So seriously, this would be my nightmare. Maybe that’s why I’ve yet to print any of the pictures from our Honeymoon in Italy. I’m terrified of those Leaning Tower of Pisa photos and how it’s leaning and so therefore something will be crooked. Although, I haven’t looked at the pictures in a while, so it’s very possible when I took the photos I straightened the tower out. And, if I did do that it was totally without thought it was just something I would do to fix the problem.  

I’m weird I know. But, now I’m definitely going to be checking out the Italy pictures. 

Happy Sunday, hope you’re holiday and weekend were wonderful. 


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