A Picture Shows A Million Lights

Yesterday, I headed out to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens with my friends and some of their family. 

It was a beautiful day temps were in the 60’s and even when the sun went down the temperature didn’t drop to much. 

For about 6 weeks every year Busch Gardens transforms into Christmas Town, where you can see Santa, take in the amazing light displays. They use over 8 million lights to create their displays. Once it gets dark the park is truly beautiful. 

They have holiday themed shows throughout the park and themed displays. In France the trees are decorated based on the 12 Days of Christmas. Germany, you can find Tannenbaum, which goes off every half hour. 

And, of course they serve up some of the tastiest hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Peppermint Fudge Hot Chocolate for the win. They also have regular hot chocolate, butterscotch egg nog, and well if I didn’t have to drive I would of been snatching up a mug of that. I only drank the one mug of peppermint fudge hot chocolate as it wasn’t cold out and I didn’t need it to keep warm. That’s the only downside to the temperature being what it was yesterday. 

It was a great day and something I really enjoyed. Until next year Christmas Town.


Even Santa was a bit upset by the screaming 1 year old. Needless to say Santa was NOT a hit this year with everyone.






All lit up for the holiday season



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