Black Friday Came Early

I came home today to find my front stoop filled with packages. At first I thought that the Amazon order that was put in that was supposed to be delivered to a friend’s house got screwed up and ended up at my house. However, that was not the case. 

These were sitting on my stoop: 

Black boxes from Afghanistan. Good thing Shellee was waiting at the house for me because the boxes were heavy and she got them in the house for me. It also helped that there were some items in said boxes that were for her. 

The boxes were filled with stoneware and by stoneware I mean stuff cut from serious rocks. 

Here’s an example of the rock/stone they work with to make this stuff. 

Needless to say my dining room table is currently covered with all of the items the husband sent home. I will need to do some serious re-arranging/re-organizing the hutch to make room for the new items. 

 How cool is this vase? It weighs about a ton but it looks cool. 

 Anyone care for some stone fruit? And, as you can see there are lots of other items wrapped up sitting on the table as well. And, ignore all of the index cards that’s real estate stuff. 

 Check out the mugs, and you can see some more boxes of stuff. 

 A full tea set. Which I am super excited about. It is really amazing.  
  Tea service for 6, anyone want to come over and have a tea party?
I’ll take pictures of all of the goods well except those items that are gifts. Those will have to wait to be seen. But, I don’t want to unpack any of it until it has a home to go to. 

I now have a full set of dishes. Plates, bowls, cups, tea set, and serving bowl.  It’s really cool and being that the husband and I aren’t really big fancy China people this is perfect for our special occasion dining ware, and it’s pretty unique. 

Stay tuned later this week for photos of the whole set. And, if you love it let me know, I know a guy who can get his hands on this stuff. 



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