And, We Now Return

Okay, I’ve been MIA for a while. Life has been crazy, but I think Life is pretty back to normal with a normal schedule for the most part. I mean the holidays are rapidly approaching, but that’s a normal occurrence every year. So, yeah life is somewhat back to normal. 

So here’s a little update as to what’s been going on the last few months that has made my posting sporadic. 

  • The broken ankle is healed so I’m back to wearing 2 shoes!!!!!!
  • Oh but now that I am no longer walking lopsided my back and hip need to be adjusted so I’ll be going to see the chiropractor to get that fixed. 
  • I have finished my night class. 
  • I was taking the real estate class so that I can become a realtor. 
  • I ran some study sessions for some classmates before the final exam as I understood the material and get real estate math.
  • I passed the final and signed up for the actual license exam. 
  • I passed that as well. 
  • All that is left is to find a broker to work with. I’m planning on doing that after the new year. I mean come on new year new job sounds good to me. 
  • My rental husband is off on his deployment so on Saturdays and Sundays the tv is no longer tuned into football. 
  • My actual husband is doing well and will be back after the holidays. So hey I get to celebrate the holidays twice!!!
  • My dogs are still as wild and crazy as ever. 
  • I’ve been doing lots of volunteer work with the Junior League. 
  • I’ve been the snack fairy for one of the Girls On The Run teams we are sponsoring this year. Which really doesn’t require much, all I do is drop off a healthy snack for the girls during their practice. I’ve been the snack fairy twice and will be doing it one more time before their big 5k run through the zoo. 
  • I also volunteered at a home for disabled children. We baked cupcakes with the kids and did some arts and crafts. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the kids and the time I spent there. I definitely want to go back. Oh and while we were there clowns popped in to see the children. It was great. 
  • I also have some social events coming up with the Junior League which should be a lot of fun. I am a bit bummed the husband won’t be home for it though as one of them is at a local craft beer house, and it’s right down the road from our house. I think that he’d really enjoy the food and beer. We will eventually have to check it out when he’s home I’m sure. 
  • I’m thinking about starting another endeavor, but I’ll give you more on that if I actually decide to do it. We shall see. Again something that wouldn’t be started until after the new year. 

So yeah, that’s a bit as to what’s been going on here. And, well today is a I’m going to curl up with my book, hot cup of tea, my blanket, and veg out since it is rainy, cold, and windy out. 

Hope you’ve all been well and enjoying the start of the holiday season. 


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