Let’s Get Back To This…Kickball Has Ended

So, as I told you earlier this week last weekend and well this past week have been a bit of a whirlwind, where life has caught up to me and made things crazy. 

I worked a couple of days this week, had class, the emergency room visit, and well just plain life it’s made things crazy. 

Anyway, kickball wrapped up on Monday with our championship tournament. 

We had a rematch of the game the week before. Well I’m happy to report we had a much better outcome this round. 

We played 2 Legit and were able to show them the team we are. It was a really close game and a well played game by both teams. It was another cold night out on the field, but we made it work. 

The end result of the game was with All About The Base winning 2-1.  Whoooo redemption!!!!!

We finished up that game and moved on over to the other field to watch the #1&4 seed team finish out their game. As we would be taking on the winner. 

We ended up matched up against the #1 seed Jiminy Kickit. It was a good game, but we had some mistakes and just couldn’t get our offense going and ended up with a loss. 

We had a great season as more than half of us had never played kickball before. Well played since third grade Phys Ed class anyway. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the season and have seen a lot of growth as individuals and as a team. I’m proud of our team. Way to go All About The Base. 

And, we’ve managed to hook Alex on the game. I think we have a new recruit for the fall season. 

I’m happy to have my Monday nights back but so bummed that’s it’s over. I’ll miss those crazy teammates of mine. Although, I’m planning on doing a party sometime in January/early February to get together and have a good time before the spring season starts up. 

Here’s hoping this week I can spend more time blogging and enjoying life. 


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