I Told You It Was Busy

Sorry, I’ve been MIA the last several days, but I warned that it was going to be a busy weekend and well the week has taken on a busy tone as well with lots of unexpected things popping up. 

A little recap of the weekend:

Saturday found me volunteering with the Junior League. I worked 2 shifts resulting in 6 hours of volunteer time. 

The Junior League hosted its second annual Scavenger Haunt on Saturday. It’s a scavenger hunt through an area of town where you went to local businesses to complete tasks and also had clues where you had to do activities, such as jump rope or hula hoop so many times. And, of course dressing up was strongly encouraged. 

All of the participants had a great time and were raving about the experience. It looked like a lot of fun. Next year I’m thinking I’m getting a team together and going to do the scavenger hunt.  

I sold raffle tickets and supervised the raffle buckets. You know we didn’t want any tampering of the raffle prizes. I enjoyed it a lot and it’s definitely an event that is like to work with. 

Saturday night I followed up my volunteer duties with the end of the season kickball party. 

Of course the husband is gone for work, the Phroggers were at a football game so it was just Aaron and I heading out for the party. It was pretty tame until the flip cup tournament started and well then the gloves came off. People were taking that seriously. Of course a free registration for the next season was up for grabs so I mean it was pretty serious. It was a good time. And, check out this cake made by Liza 

Pretty awesome. That kickball with the player on it is amazing. 

Sunday, I did the chores and errands I have to do on a weekly basis. Oh and the roommate arrived. 

One of the husband’s friends is using our guest room for a few weeks before he deploys. Cheaper and a bit more comfortable than staying in a hotel for 3 weeks. And, I’ve already hooked him on kickball and recruited him for next fall’s season. 

Monday was the kickball tournament to crown the champion, which I’ll recap in its own post soon. 

And, well last night ended with an unplanned trip to the ER. Well I mean I don’t think anyone plans on a trip to the ER, but I took a trip to the ER and the good news is all is good I’m not dead. 

So yeah it’s been a bit crazy and busy around here. Here’s hoping things slow down and life gets back to somewhat of a schedule. 

How’s your week been going?


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