Today’s the day!!!!

Have you seen Marty McFly and Doc Brown anywhere around town?

Yeah, you know what I’m doing right now right? You do remember that I’m a total nerd and loving this day right. 

Can we say Back To The Future Marathon…

I love it. Although, I’m still unable to find my flying car and hoverboard. Although, I should probably keep both feet planted firmly on the ground with the rate at which I’m injury my lower appendages. 

Seriously, people have been posting pictures of themselves with the Delorean. Where are you finding them people because I am beyond jealous and envious right now. 

Anyway to all of you who watched Back To The Future and thought oh man it’s going to be so cool in 2015 I wish you a very Happy Back To The Future Day!!!

And, oh yeah YOU LIVED IT!!!!!


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