Sunday Funday

Okay so it wasn’t really that fun and exciting of a day but I did get some stuff accomplished. 

I went and did the grocery shopping, which is the farthest I’ve driven since breaking the ankle a week ago. It’s my right ankle so it makes driving not so great. Wearing a big boot and driving not so good. I take my boot off and have a spare shoe in my car to wear while I drive and then I put the boot back on ice reaching my destination. Hobbling around in the boot is a bit of a pain as I’m completely lopsided. But, hey it’s better than a cast so I’ll deal. 

After getting home from the grocery shopping adventure it was time to do some homework for class. I actually did the homework for both nights this week as we have another test on Thursday and by getting all the homework done I can focus on studying for the test the rest of this week. 

It’s gotten a bit chilly here. Like a 20+ degree drop in temperature and the wind has decided to join the drop in temperatures so I curled up and watched a couple of movies today. The husband was being Navy guy this weekend so he’s been at the base during the day. And, of course as soon as he gets home he’s been heading over to the Phrog Pad to help out over there. Today was helping load up and return unneeded materials from the project they had been working on. 

After they finished that up they came and got me and we hit up a sushi restaurant in our neighborhood. It was really good. It’s definitely another place that we will be going to again, especially since the husband loves sushi and we can walk there, well when I’m not broken that is. 

And, now we are watching a little Patriots Colts action. 

Oh and I did this today too 



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