Eventful Week

It’s been an eventful week here at the ole homestead. 

Monday was a pretty mellow day in which I folded and put away a ton of laundry and did some tidying up around the house. Along with this polished off some homework for my class. 

The husband and I headed over to the PhrogPad to pick up our friends for a little kickball action. And, well we all know how that ended with me basically falling out the front door and ultimately breaking the ankle. 

Tuesday was spent calling and making and cancelling appointments. And, well basically laying in bed not moving much until it was time to head out to class. 

I attended class came home in a bit of pain and exhausted. 

Wednesday was a lot of trying to stay off the foot doing more homework for class and checking out the progress on the castle. Okay, it’s not really a castle but that’s what we were referring to it as. 

 It’s the atrium/sunroom over at the PhrogPad that the husband did some demo and reframing on with them to make it a more functional, usable room. 

I must say it looks pretty good. Of course that stone product is something they will never use again, and well I was informed by the husband under no uncertain terms would we be doing anything in this material. 

After that project was finished up it was off to the walk-in ortho clinic for me. And, well you’ve heard how that went. A broken ankle and another in serious need of surgery. 

Thursday was spent doing lots of class work as I have another quiz coming up and then attending class. 

Today has been a fairly calm day. Met with the ortho this morning to discuss the ankles. The plan is 4 weeks in the boot followed up by some more X-rays to see how it’s healing and based on that we will make some decisions. As for the left ankle we will address that after we get the right back to healthy. 

Here’s hoping for a nice chilled out weekend.  I will be doing some work for class. Also have dinner planned with friends as the husband gets ready to head back out of town for work next week. 

Anyone else have a crazy busy week?


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